May 1, 2015

Which Wine Glasses Do You Really Need?


Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

What You Need Really Need

Wine lovers, how many kinds of wine glasses do you have? If you walk into any store with a glassware section, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of styles, shapes and sizes of wine glasses. How are you supposed to know which ones you really need?

Different types of wine glasses can at times deliver the wine to a different part of your tongue. Depending on the wine, this can help the taste of the wine, for others it could hurt it. The truth is you don’t need a different kind of glass for different kind of wine, but it is important to have the basics.

Check out which wine glasses we recommend you keep in your home!

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Red wine glasses are easy to distinguish from white wine glasses because they have a deeper, wider bowl. When drinking red wine, the more oxygen that hits the wine, the more flavors will open up. The large bowls are easy for handling and swirling the wine for tasting.
White wine has fewer years of fermentation. This makes them less complex compared to red wines, so the deeper bowl isn’t needed.
Champagne is poured into a tall thin glass to help the bubbles direct upwards to keep the carbonation last longer. There are a various styles of champagne glasses. Some styles are designed based on the occasion in which you’re drinking. Check out which glass you should use>>

Tips & Tricks

If you’ve read some of these descriptions and are wondering where a stemless wine glass fits in, no worries we did’t forget!

Check out this article that explains the benefits and drawbacks to using a stemless glass. 

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