March 20, 2015

Springtime Wines – Wines To Help Transition To Spring


Springtime Wines

Springtime Wines

To Get You Through The Cold

It’s the first day of spring and if you live in the tri-state area there’s a good chance you’ve seen some snow today, kind of a bummer. When the seasons change, so does the wine selection. Spring brings warm sunshine, lighter cooking, and different food and drink pairings.

We have some  wine suggestions to help make the transition from winter to spring just a little easier.

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The days are brighter but once the sun goes down, that gust of winter can creep back up. Grab a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. This grape is rich and fruity but not heavy, perfect for a chillier spring evening.
Try a pinot noir with pure raspberry notes for a lighter wine choice this spring. This is the perfect wine to pair with a roasted duck, salads or other kinds of fruits. A bottle of a younger pinot noir would go wonderfully with a traditional Easter dinner.
If you thought a good Chianti was just for the winter, you’d be missing out on a great springtime bottle. Brolio Riserva Chianti Classico 2010 is the perfect bottle for red meats. If you’re planning on firing up the grill, let a bottle of this Chianti breathe while you’re cooking so it’s ready to enjoy in time for your meal.

In Recent News

Most of us take the time to hit the liquor store on our way home from work or over the weekend to pick out what drink we’re going to enjoy over the weekend. Imagine if you no longer needed to buy the alcohol, but just a packet of powder and you’re all set?

In recent news, a powder form of alcohol is now legal in the U.S.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject and we’d be happy to quote your thoughts in an article.

Have a great weekend!



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