August 6, 2015

Does Your Personality Dictate What Wine You Drink? 


Wines For Your Personality

Does Your Personality Affect Your Drink Of Choice?

Wines Picked Just For You!

You can learn a lot about someone based on some of their personality traits. Could their drink of choice tell a lot about them too?

We’ve got some cool wine selections for you to check out. The fun part…you’ll be able to base your selection off of a few personality traits, to ensure you’re drinking the wine that suits you best!

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12 Signs wine is a fun way to select your next bottle of wine. Each bottle is dedicated to an astrology sign and based on specific character traits (some pretty hilarious) and matching it up with the appropriate bottle of wine just for you. Meet your astrology sign and check out which bottle of wine you should be drinking!
Have you ever had a wine fail? Not know how to pronounce the name, pick up a screw cap for a group dinner (major no-no), or order a red when you thought it was going to be a white? Check out some of these hilarious scenarios. If you’ve ever been in these situations, you were probably drinking the associated wine.
Women and men have different personalities, so can your gender play a part in what kind of wine you enjoy? Interesting fact: Women tend to prefer less carbonation in their wines and are usually more sensitive to bitter flavors than men. Check out this article “Men Are From Cab, Women Are From Moscato” to learn why women often have better palates than men, and how this determines which wines you’re drawn to.

Tips & Tricks

Not a wine drinker? No worries, you’re cocktail order can say a lot about your personality too. Check out what your cocktail of choice says about you >>

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