December 5, 2014

Are You Gearing Up For Holiday Parties?


Holiday Dinner Parties

Holiday Parties

What Wines To Bring?

If you’re planning on bringing a bottle of wine to a holiday dinner party, we’ve got some great suggestions.

Every host is different. Try and bring wines that match the personality of where you’re going. Think about the kind of person they are, what kinds of foods they usually serve. Let these facts guide you when making the your wine selection.

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If you know your host always goes heavy on the appetizers, look for this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. This will certainly pair well with a plate full of salty cheeses and meats, along with any other additional antipasto favorites like marinated artichokes and olives.
Some hosts are particular about which wines they pair with the dinner they’re serving. The Siduri, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, California, 2011 is a great choice to impress your host. This wine is full of powerful tannis to go well with a table full of food.
If you’re capping your night off with a host who loves chocolates, this is the perfect wine to bring. This wine has a bold, rich berry taste that will pair great with the bitter taste of rich chocolate.

Tips & Tricks

Check out what other wines are suggested during the holiday season here.

Also, if you’re hosting a holiday party or volunteered to bring something, check out our article on how you can pair wine with cheese. These tips will help you purchase the perfect selection of wine and cheeses for your event.

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