March 24, 2015

Do You Know Which Whiskey Goes Best With Your Meal?


How To Pair Whiskey With Food

Whiskey Lover?

How To Pair Whiskey With Food

If you’re a whiskey lover you can appreciate the drink all year long, but with some upcoming holidays and spring just around the corner, I thought you’d like some suggestions on how to pair your whiskey with festive food.

Check out some of these suggestions if you’re going to be preparing a holiday meal or just enjoying a good cocktail over the weekend.

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We’re in the season of Lent and Passover. For some, this means no meat on Fridays. If fish is a popular dish in your house during this time, you may want to try Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. This whiskey has a high rye content which pairs well with the fat from smoked salmon.
Woodford Reserve is a full, rich whiskey. It has smooth flavors of all spice, cinnamon and vanilla, with undertones of oak and nut. These flavors make this whiskey pair best with salty meats like a corned beef brisket or a smoked holiday ham.
Dalwhinnie is a light scotch whiskey with a crisp, smooth finish. You can pair this drink with the soft cheeses. Break this bottle out for a pre dinner snack of drinks and cheese. You’ll taste vanilla and honey flavors that’ll mellow out some of the saltyness from the cheese.

Tips & Tricks

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy a good whiskey. You can compliment your meals by cooking with your favorite whiskey.

Check out these spicy whiskey BBQ sliders. A perfect midnight snack after a long night at the bar, or the cocktail hour picky food.

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