July 25, 2014

Pinterest Recipe Round Up – Martinis

pinterest receipe round up martiniA martini is a classic drink. It’s a simple concoction, but yet it always looks so classy and mature. Like most cocktails, there are many variations of a martini. In this week’s Pinterest Recipe Round Up, we’ve collected a variety of fun martini recipes. Although there is nothing wrong with a traditional martini, you may feel compelled to mix things up based on the occasion in which you’re drinking. We’ve collected a few that’ll give you some recipe inspiration from morning through evening.

Maple Mini Waffle Martini

Maple Mini Waffle MartiniWhen people think of having brunch, usually a Mimosa or Bloody Mary comes to mind. We found a great recipe for a maple mini waffle martini that you should consider for the next brunch you attend or host. Before you worry about putting together the actual cocktail, start by making a few extra brunch essentials. Fry up extra strips of bacon, and make some mini waffles to put aside. The recipe itself is pretty simple.

The ingredients call for dark rum, irish cream, milk, and maple syrup. Follow the instructions for mixing them together. Once the bacon is cooled, crumble bacon bits into your drink, and garnish it with mini waffles! If you’re friends didn’t want to get together for brunch before, they will now!

Amaretto Peach Martini

Pinterest Recipe Round Up-Amaretto Peach MartiniIf you still have a bit of a sweet tooth after brunch, check out this Amaretto Peach Martini. A sweeter take on the traditional ingredients used for a martini. A heavily alcohol based drink, this recipe called for Amaretto, Vodka,Peach Schnapps, and club soda. Follow the instructions for mixing the required ingredients together. For an added touch, rim your glass with the edge of an orange and dip it into a plate of brown sugar. Use a sliver of orange peel as garnish, and enjoy!

Red Chili Martini

Pinterest Recipe Round Up-Red Chile MartiniTacos and Tequila go hand in hand. Typically, Margaritas are favored when folks order Mexican food. Looking to spice things up, literally? Check out this Red Chili Martini. This martini may require a little more preparation, but it’s certainly worth it. Keep your glass extra chilled by sticking it in the freezer. First, make a mango puree. Take a few pieces of mango and some chili powder to taste and blend together. Follow the measuring instructions and mix your puree, tequila, and lime juice together. When you’re ready to pour, rim your glass with juice from a lime and dip into cayenne salt. Use your shaker to strain the cocktail and pour into your ready glass! Garnish your spicy martini with a small chili pepper and enjoy.

Being a certain event or get together, may inspire you to try something you’ve never had before. Keep these Martini recipes in mind the next time you want to try something new. If you’re really feel adventurous, check out our article on essential home bar accessories. This way, you’ll have everything you need to make these drinks at home.

What’s Your Favorite Martini? Do You Like To Try New Recipes, Or Stick To The Classic?

In the comments below, tell us if you like to try new martini recipes. Would you try one of the ones mentioned in the article?

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