July 18, 2014

Pinterest Recipe Round Up: Modern Cocktails

We all have our favorite cocktails, some of which we’ve been drinking forever. It can be hard to try new things when you’re so sure of the “thing” you have. In this wee’s Pinterest Recipe Round Up we’ve put together a couple of recipes that put a modern twist on some common cocktails. Try some of these the next time you’re feeling bored of what your drinking!

Watermelon Margarita

watermelon margaritaAlthough a margarita is a classic, it’s often showed up by the variety of flavors that are on the market now. If you haven’t tried one of these flavored cocktails yet, this is a great time for you to start! There’s something about making a cocktail from scratch. Using fresh ingredients makes a big difference, and allows you to real extract the true flavors of what you’re making. First, use a melon baller to scoop balls from a watermelon. Place these balls in the freezer and let them get solid. Next, you can follow this recipe to make a fresh watermelon margarita. If you’re not usually into salt on the rim of your margarita glass, you may want to try using sugar this time around! Before pouring your drink, add those frozen watermelon balls to your glass. These will help keep your drink cool without watering it down, as well as adding the natural flavors of the watermelon. Hope you enjoy! 

Inside Out Bloody Mary 

Inside Out Bloody MaryA Bloody Mary is a classic brunch menu item. The next time your hosting an afternoon get together, you may want to try these inside out Bloody Mary’s to get people talking. To make this recipe, you need everything you’d normally use to make a Bloody Mary. If you have a pre made mix you like to use feel free to pour that into ice cube trays. As I mentioned previously, you may want to take some extra time to make your own mix. You can follow this recipe for either preparation method you choose. Freeze the mixture into solid cubes. When you’re ready to enjoy a glass, rim the edges with cajun seasoning, add in your cubes, and pour fine vodka over them. If you’d like you can also add a lime wedge for garnish. For those who’ve made the same kind of Bloody Mary for years, this is a great way to explore modern cocktails. 

Homemade Vodka

basil infused vodkaHave you ever been to the liquor store and said “I wish they make [blank] flavor vodka.” Although the liquor industry has been booming with flavored spirits, sometimes it’s not the one you’re looking for. Have you ever thought of infusing your own vodka? Sounds a little scary right, but don’t fret it’s actually not as hard as you may think. Choose some spices or fruits that you really love. This recipe is a peach and basil infused vodka. Something you wouldn’t be able to find in the stores, and let’s be honest, it’ll taste better with some fresh basil and peaches! Add in your selection of ingredients to a jar and fill with a vodka of your choice. Make sure your jar is tightly sealed, and let this sit for about a week. After you’ve sampled some of your concoction feel free to drink this as desired. You can add in your favorite mixer, or simply drink it on the rocks. Either way, you’ve now crafted your very own vodka. 

It’s easy to get caught in the same routine with anything. Once you find something you love, why give it up? We feel that these recipes give you the best of both worlds. Keep the flavors you enjoy, but give it a modern twist. 

Do You Get Sick Of The Same Cocktail Order? What Modern Cocktail Would You Like To Try?

In the comments below, tell us if you’ve gotten sick of the same cocktail order. What have you done to switch things up? Would you try any of the recipes mentioned in this article?

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