April 4, 2014

Your Drink Recipe Guide To A Fun Weekend!


Your Drink Recipe Guide To A Fun Weekend!

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Social Sippers.

We’d like to thank you for joining our community of fun people, who are enthusiastic about the taste of a good drink, beer, or favorite glass of wine. To help you start your weekend off right, we’ve collected a few Friday favorite drink recipes we thought you’d enjoy!

Let us know what you’re drinking this weekend and tag us on InstagramFacebook  or Twitter  We’d love to know if you’ve tried one of these recipes. 

Wine Lovers! Enjoy your favorite glass of wine with a piece of dark chocolate. Combining the two will help bring out the flavors in each.
Spring is here! Enjoy the warm weather this weekend with a fruit themed cocktail.
Baseball kicked off this week. Enjoy watching a game this weekend with a brew. Try this beer cocktail to spice things up!

There are many ways to enjoy a good beverage. If you’re looking for unique ways to enjoy your alcohol check out this article that gives you fun ways to hack your booze.http://bit.ly/1q1m4EK

Have a great weekend!




Danielle Cherrick

Danielle loves a good glass of wine. She enjoys exploring various kinds of spirits and learning more about what she's drinking so she can enhance her palate and tasting skills.

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