October 31, 2014

Trick-Or-Truth: Cocktail Myths!


Happy Halloween


Through the years you’ve probably been faced with many drinking myths. These misconceptions could be from how you consume your drink, alcohol content, or even how you prepare it.

In honor of Halloween, we though we’d treat you to a “trick-or-truth” guide to debunking some of the cocktail myths

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Can drinking a Hot Toddy in the winter months keep you warm?
TRICK –  The use of alcohol actually forces your body to release it’s warm blood vessels which actually makes your overall body temperature drop.
Is it bad to heat up simple syrup? TRUTH – Although this case is greatly debated in the world of bartending, it’s bad to heat up simple syrup and not usually recommended by some famous mixologists. However, the damage that it causes takes a lot of time and a lot of heat to make a detrimental difference in your drink.
Sulfates are responsible for red wine headaches. TRICK – What actually causes red wine headaches are tannins. If you’re prone to headaches look for older vintages, they usually are less tannic.

Tips & Tricks

If you no longer have small children to keep up with around the neighborhood, you may feel like Halloween has lost it’s appeal. Make things more interesting this year by participating popular costume drinking game.

The history of Halloween is actually really interesting. It’s been years since I was taught myself. If you’re interested in brushing up on the details check out this article.

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