June 6, 2015

The Best & Worst Drinks To Order At A Bar


How To Order Cocktails

How To Order Cocktails

The Best & Worst Bar Drinks

It’s Friday and happy hour is right around the corner! Most of us can’t wait to break free of the office and head out to our favorite happy hour spot and order a cocktail to kickstart the weekend, BUT when you ask the bartender for your order, do you really know what you’re getting?

Some people resist ordering a mixed drink at a bar because they’ve had a bad experience. (i.e. getting something watered down, no taste, or poor quality.

Check out the best and worst drinks to order at a bar, how to order, and what you should possibly be ordering instead!

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One of the worst drinks you can order is a Long Island Iced Tea. Most well drinks are made with the low-end, cheapest alcohol. A LIT is nothing but a dump of all liquors, topped off with sugar and even more sugar. Try something a bit more sophisticated and less likely to give you a hangover, like a Colonel Dan’s Ice Tea. This includes 7up, bourbon, iced tea, and fresh lemon juice.
When ordering a drink, always order the liquor first (i.e. rum and coke). Never assume bartenders know what liquor preference you have. There are multiple ways to make a mixed drink and everyone makes them slightly differently. If you have a preference to the liquor being used, be sure to name the brand you’d like the bartender to use (i.e. Captain Morgan and coke).
There are many variations of classic cocktails these days. A drink you can never go wrong ordering is an Old Fashioned. A simple combination of whiskey, bitters and an orange slice (or a muddled cherry). This drink in particular is great for happy hour because it’s made for sipping. Of course don’t forget to preference which whiskey (if you have one) you’d like to bartender to use.

Tips & Tricks

Check out which drinks bartenders hate making and what they recommend instead.

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Have a great weekend!



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