July 10, 2015

Check Out These Recipes For National Mojito Day!


Happy National Mojito Day!

National Mojito Day!

Mojito Recipes For This Weekend

Tomorrow National Mojito Day! We’ve gathered some recipes to help you celebrate. Some are classic and some are a bit modern, but if you like mojitos you should check out these recipes!

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If you’re a real mojito lover, than you may want to stick with a classic. Since a mojito can be somewhat of an “involved” drink, my guess is you don’t drink them too often. Well, there’s no better time than National Mojito Day! Check out this traditional recipe. 
For the lazy drinker. You may be a fan of the drink, but don’t want to put the work into making it, this recipe is for you. Find a quality carton of lemonade and add a few springs of fresh mint. Let the mint soak in the lemonade over night. Pour a white rum of your choosing into a glass filled with ice and add in your mint and lemonade mixture. Top off your glass with a little club soda and your good to go!
For the modern cocktail lover. Looking for a new twist on a traditional drink? Check out this recipe for a whiskey mojito. A slightly different version of the traditional mojito, but still keeping the classic mint as a highlighted ingredient. If you’re a whiskey drinker, or just an experimentalist you should give this a shot.

Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your mojito, check out the best mojitos recipes here.

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