August 5, 2014

3 Tips On Hosting A Cocktail Party

3 tips on hosting a cocktail partyHosting a cocktail party is a popular way to invite a group of friends over to enjoy some great drinks and enjoy each other. A cocktail party can be as simple or complex as you wish. Usually, of all the different types of celebrations a person can have, a cocktail party is the easiest to plan. Guests only stay for a few hours and casually munch on simple foods and spreads. If you’re considering hosting a cocktail party, but aren’t sure if you’re up for the work, read this article and consider these 3 tips on hosting a cocktail party.

The Food

When hosting a cocktail party breaking out your fine china and cooking a full course meal isn’t necessary. You want guests to be engaged with one another and continuously moving throughout the party. We suggest having a handful of staple appetizers. It’s best to keep these bite size samples of food so people can take one and keep moving.

If your living in a smaller space keep the flow of your party in mind. You don’t want friends lined up to get a drink and food. It’s best to place appetizers throughout the party on trays, coffee tables, and even carrying a plate to bring the food to them. This will help elevate a one crowded area of your home.

Make sure you choose recipes that are easy to make. You’ll have a few tasks so don’t make cooking a stressful one. If possible, do as much prepping the day before to help manage your time on the day of the party. Also keep in mind that not everyone at the party is going to indulge in everything that you make. Some people may prefer to have the dip instead of cheese. Let this ease your mind, you don’t have to make sure there is multiple servings of each menu time.

Beer, Liquor, Wine OH MY!

Having a designated area for drinks is a good idea. If you plan on having a variety of drinks at your party having beer, wine, and liquor are pretty common drink supplies. To help you figure out how much you should have on hand consider this rule of thumb, generally you should plan for 50% of your guests preferring wine, 30% preferring beer, and the remaining 20& to prefer a mix drink. Calculating in advance can certainly help you budget.

Having a themed cocktail party can also help you manage what kind of spirits you’ll be needing. You can create a cocktail menu with some signature drinks to control the amount of alcohol you’ll be needing. If you go this route, it’s also a good idea to make these cocktails in batch. The benefit to you is that you won’t be needed every time a new drink needs to be made, and you guests won’t need to follow a recipe to make it themselves.

For guests that enjoy beer, it’s always good to have a light beer and a dark beer on hand. This will help guests choose which kind they’ll be drinking for the night.

The Set Up

cocktail party garnishesIf you’re choosing to have a variety of alcohol at your party you’re going to need a variety of garnishes, mixers, and barware. Include the basic garnishes for your guests cocktails first, then think about anything extra you’d like to include for fun. You could have salt or sugar rimmed glasses, mini olive skewers, or themed stirrers. The same advice applies for mixers. Be sure to include the basics; club soda, soda pop, juices, and tonic water. Once you’ve accounted for everything you need, feel free to go back to get some extras to make things a bit more interesting.

Now that the bar is stocked, be sure you have all the proper barware so you’re equipped to make everything you need. You don’t want to have to run out of your own party to ask the neighbor to borrow a wine opener. Make sure you have glasses for every kind of alcohol you intend on serving.

Final Thoughts

Having a cocktail party should be fun! Keep things simple for yourself. Don’t worry about getting your home to it’s cleanest it’s ever been. After the first few people arrive no one will notice how clean your home looks, and don’t forget you’ll be cleaning up just as much the following day. Guests don’t expect to have a sit down dinner at cocktail parties, take this pieces of advice to heart and make things easy for yourself. Consider these simple tips to help you host your cocktail party.

What Tips Have You Found Useful While Hosting A Cocktail Party?

In the comments below, tell us what helps you plan cocktail parties and gatherings? Which tips from the article will you consider next time?

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