July 31, 2015

Celebrity Spirits That Don’t Suck


Celebrity Spirits Worth Trying

Celebrity Spirits

Ones That Don’t Suck

As if celebrities don’t need another reason to be in the spotlight, or make even more money. When a celebrity comes out with some kind of “label” outside of their realm of talent, you can’t help but be skeptical or even judgemental.

However, there are a handful of celebrity spirits out there that actually pulled through and have a good quality product.

We’ve rounded up a few worth trying.

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Before main stream celebrities starting using their name to enter into the world of endorsements and business ventures, there were early trend setters. Former Van Halen front man, Sammy Hagar was one of the first celebrities who launch his own liquor in 1996 with Cabo Wabo Tequila. Since than he’s launch Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. With many rum competitors this may not sound familiar, but certainly worth a try!
Dan Akroyd, America’s funny man is the spokesman behind Crystal Head Vodka. The unique packaging, compelling story and a high end price tag behind the brand makes this an appealing purchase. Is it worth it? YES! A sweet smell and clean shot, this vodka goes down easy with a cool burn. It’s worth every penny.
Jay – Z is known for his super stardom in the entertainment world, but he’s also dabbled in other business ventures such as owning a piece of the New Jersey Nets, as well as forming his sports management company. After he didn’t like a said to be racist remark from another Champagne brand, Jay- Z bought dove into his own investment Ace of Spades. Was this a “revenge” marketing ploy, or a valued product? Expert tasters say, it’s worth it!

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