July 1, 2015

Bourbon Aged Craft Beers For The Whiskey Lover


Bourbon Aged Craft Beers For The Whiskey Lover

The Best Bourbon Aged Beer

For The Whiskey & Beer Lover

We recently wrote an article for our whiskey fans: Whiskey 101: All Things Whiskey Lovers Should Know .

We got some really great feedback from the whiskey drinkers community, and an equally great response from craft beer drinkers who are interested in learning about whiskey.

This inspired us to combine the best of both worlds and pick out some bourbon aged craft beer for the whiskey lover (and avid craft beer drinker).

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To go along with it’s unique name, this unique beer is a blend of 6 ales aged in a combination of rye whiskey and bourbon barrels. It pours a dark cola like color and leaves warm flavors of caramel and oak.
This is a very complex beer. Although this is a preferred winter time beer, if you’re a whiskey lover this beer is good year round. The bourbon flavor is present and the aroma highlights scents like cherry, coconut, caramel, toffee, and vanilla.
Because it was hard to get, we’re lucky people request more batches of this beer be released! Aged in bourbon barrels with a sharp beer taste. It’s a little bitter with notes of toasted coconut and chocolate. This is would make a great dessert beer.


A bonus beer we wanted to include is KENTUCKY BOURBON BARREL ALE . Check out this beer review to find out why we couldn’t leave it out!

Tips & Tricks

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Have a great weekend!



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