November 28, 2014

Have Alcohol Leftovers?


How To Get Rid Of Thanksgiving Alcohol?

Holiday Leftovers

Turn Old Foods Into New

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m sure you’ve got a fridge full of food, and a liquor cabinet filled with booze your guests left behind!

Don’t fret we’ve got leftover recipes that’ll help you clear out both your fridge and your liquor cabinet. Besides you’ve got to make room for the next holiday!

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You’ve probably used marshmallows for hot chocolate, on top of pies, sweet potato casserole, but you can create a whole new kind of dessert! Try this recipe for toasted marshmallow shot glasses and fill them with your left over Kahlua.
I’m sure you have many left over wines and cheeses from appetizers. Did you know you don’t have to eat cheese and wine for dinner for the rest of the week (unless of course you want to). Try this recipe for wine cupcakes with brie cream cheese frosting and carmel swirl. A unique way to get rid of pre dinner foods.
Holiday treats last well into the new year. A good way for you to prepare for the next holiday gathering is to use up all the left over after dinner cordials and un eaten chocolate and make truffles, like these Grand Marnier chocolate truffles! (YUM!) This is a fun way to use up what’s left over and make a new dessert to enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

If you’re like me, Thanksgiving is all about the sides and not so much about the Turkey. How much turkey can you eat? Try looking at these recipe ideas so you’re not eating turkey sandwiches all winter.

Check out these awesome holiday gift ideas you can use with left over wine corks!

Have a great weekend!



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