February 13, 2015

Pairing Beer With Chocolate

Pairing Beer And ChocolatePairing different alcohol and foods together has become some what of a phenomenon over the years. It’s a creative game anyone from chefs, mixologists, brewers, or the avid dinner hostess can play. Introducing new flavor combinations makes eating and drinking that much more fun. A common pair is that of wine and chocolate. Although they go well together, if you’re a beer drinker you may be feeling left out. What kind of desserts can I enjoy with my beer? No worries, there are many natural flavor combinations that makes beer and chocolate a perfect pair.

Each chocolate goes well with different styles of beer. Read these helpful combination suggestions to help you pair beer with chocolate.


Ales are a fuller bodied brew, usually containing complex flavors of fruit and spice. They have a distinct flavor of fruitiness that combines with an acidic and hoppy finish. Ales come in a variety of ways ranging in color from a light gold to a rich amber. Try pairing your favorite ale with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is stronger, more bitter chocolate compared to milk chocolate. It’s bitterness with lighten from the fruit and maltiness of the beer.


Lagers are made different than ales. They are made with bottom-fermenting yeast which works best at cool temperatures. This type of yeast creates a slower fermentation process. Lagers are generally more clean and crisp tasting because of this. Lager’s also aren’t as “hoppy” as ales and have more of a malty flavor. This style of beer ranges from light to dark and bitter to sweet. You’re going to have to try a lot of combinations to find the perfect pair. However, if you choose a larger that’s a bit bold remember to pair it with a chocolate that’ll balance out the bitterness.


Stouts are a naturally dark beer, and what makes them stand out to other styles of beer is it’s roasted flavor. Most Stouts have a coffee or chocolate flavor to them. This makes them perfect for pairing with chocolate. Pair a stout with any rich dessert such as brownies, truffles, or a chocolate cake.


Malts are a dark and sweet beer that contain notes of caramel, toffee, and nuts. You can pair a beer like this with a few different dessert options. A molten chocolate cake would go wonderfully, or a platter of fruit (think chocolate and raspberries, or chocolate and nuts).

These styles of beer all have different complexities that help them to pair with chocolate. However, there is no right or wrong pairing. Use these suggestions to help you find what pair you like the most. There are plenty of beer and chocolate for multiple taste tests.

Do You Have A Favorite Beer And Chocolate Combination?

In the comments below, tell us what your favorite beer and chocolate combination is. What about the style of beer goes so well with your chocolate of choice?

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