April 28, 2015

Why You Think You Don’t Like Beer Cocktails


Beer Cocktail Recipes!

Beer Cocktails

What You Need To Know

The combination of beer with…anything, may scare most people. However, like any cocktail there’s a science as well as creativity behind the perfect ingredients and measurements to make the perfect combination.

Although beer cocktails are becoming popular in trendy bars and restaurants, we have some suggestions to ease you into the new fad.

If you’re a beer drinker, you should definitely try ordering these cocktails the next time your out, or try some of these at home recipes.

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Who doesn’t need a cup of coffee in the morning? Next time you’re at brunch don’t opt for the usual Bloody Mary. Try this delightful combination of coffee and beer. The combination of an oatmeal stout and Averna Amaro mixed with a cup of coffee is ideal for chocolate, beer, and coffee lovers of all kind. This could easily be an early cocktail staple.
Ok, if you want to stay traditional at brunch you can still have your Bloody Mary. Try this modern twist on a Bloody Mary. Combine a light flavored citrus beer with your usual Bloody Mary ingredients. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.
If you’re still new to the beer cocktail scene and you’re not a professional mixologist, don’t feel bad….neither are we! One simple recipe is shoving a light beer into your margarita and enjoy. However, if you’d like to learn more about why mixing beer with your cocktails is a great idea, check out this article to get some creative and fun beer cocktail recipes!

Tips & Tricks

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