5 Essential Home Bar Accessories

5 Essential Home Bar AccessoriesThere are many steps that go into making a cocktail. Aside from the ingredients needed and quality alcohol, having the proper tools at home will help construction a great drink. Some tools can be found in your kitchen, but others you should make an essential part of your home bar.

The Shaker

The most important bar equipment a person should have is a shaker. It’s used for various ingredients, alcohol, and ice to all be shaken to mix together. Shaking the beverage allows for the flavors of the ingredients to combine. There are three different kinds of shakers. The Boston Shaker, is the most commonly used. You’re able to shake, stir or muddle ingredients together. The Cobbler shaker is another device used to make a cocktail. This one has a built in strainer, and you’re able to use the cap or measuring purposes. The French shaker is a two piece set that requires a separate strainer.

Hawthorne Strainer

After using a shaker like The Boston Shaker, you can separate the pieces and strain the alcohol through a small gap. However, it’s worth while to have a hawthorne strainer on hand. This is a device needed to remove ice or fruit pulp while straining a cocktail. It has a coil that’s used to catch chunks of ice, fruit, or mint leave after mixing a drink in a shaker. You could also use a julep strainer, which got it’s name from stringing crushed ice and mint after making a mint julep. This kind of strainer is shaped more like a spoon and has many small holes. They have the same purpose, but a julep strainer fits better over a glass than a cocktail shaker, and a hawthorne shaker is better fit over a shaker.


Making a cocktail is like a science. Measuring how much of the ingredients you’re using will make for a better drink. A Jigger is simply used for measuring to help create consistent cocktails.

Cocktail Stirrer

Although you may think using a spoon from your kitchen drawer would suffice, the truth is you should keep a cocktail stirrer on hand. This is a long thinly shaped spoon, with a smaller end. This is used so you can quickly stir a cocktail without sacrificing the color of the drink.


A muddler is used to crush ingredients at the bottom of a muddling bowl. This is an essential tool when making an Old Fashion or a Mojito. You can find a muddler in different materials such as wood, or stainless steel. Having a muddler with a thicker diameter will allow you to have more mixing power, and a more durable tool.

Having these basic home bar essentials will make creating the perfect drink seamlessly. There are many other tools you can find to keep on hand such as an ice bucket, a wine and bottle opener, and a bottle pourer. Keeping these tools accessible is always a good idea. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add more advanced equipment to your collection as your technique develops. 

Do You Have An At Home Bar? What Kind Of Bar Accessories Do You Use?

In the comments below, tell us what kinds of bar accessories you use? Is there anything you keep on hand that wasn’t mentioned in the article above?

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